Wedding planning made easy

Save the Dais was created with one goal in mind - to save you time and money when planning your wedding and finding your vendors.

How does it work?

We know a lot about our vendors - like how much they cost, when they are available, how far they are willing to travel - and we use this information to tell you, in real time how many are available within your budget at the time and location of your wedding.

Want to see how many Photographers are available for $1,000 in Los Angeles on May 2nd? We can tell you right now. What about if you increase your budget to $5,000? We can show you the difference in matching photographers in real time.

Why us?

We can help you plan and actually stay within your budget. Just because your best friend spent $10,000 on a photographer doesn’t mean you have to. It should be up to you where you feel you can splurge and where you need to make every dollar count. We can help.

We'll start you off by asking about what your dream wedding looks and feels like. Next you'll use our budget tool to plan out your wedding budget. Then you sit back and wait while we notify the best matched vendors and they contact you with their proposals. This is how we “Save the Dais” of work you would normally spend hunting for the right vendors.

Oh... there’s one more very important point we haven’t made.

We do all of this for you for the remarkable price of FREE. Seriously. We don’t have any upsells. We won’t ask you for credit card or billing information. You’re going to give us no money and spend less time trying to find the right vendors by using Save the Dais.

Why do vendors choose us?

There are a lot of options out there for wedding vendors to list their services. We won’t claim to be the only platform that matches vendors with couples based on matching criteria.

We are, however, the only platform that matches vendors with couples based on both parties preferences and doesn’t charge to begin a conversation.

Whether vendors are a good match for 1 couple or 100 couples this month, they can contact them all without spending any additional money. This means vendors get better leads and don’t have to gamble their hard earned money just to initiate contact.

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About Save the Dais

Save the Dais was created by Patrick and Veila Hassani, two of our founders, not long after planning their own wedding and realizing that, despite all the tools available, the process of finding all of the right wedding vendors on a DIY budget was not meant for the faint of heart.

After more and more friends traveled the same path and asked how they did it, it became very clear that there needed to be a way to truly show how much a wedding would cost and provide an easier way to connect the vendors and couples.

Meet our team

Veila & Patrick Hassani

Kei Morimoto